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Fugitive Recovery

Turn to T&T Recovery Bureau to locate an offender who may have jumped bail or missed court dates with our fugitive recovery services. You can count on our experts to bring in your subject.
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Private Investigators

Trust our professionals to locate a missing person or child with our missing person recovery and private eye services. We use all available resources and put in time and effort to solve your case.
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Greeting to All, We are T&T RECOVERY BUREAU Criminal, matrimonial, and missing Persons Investigations Agency in Trinidad & Tobago founded in 2004.Our Senior Staff comprises Bail Enforcement Agent, Bounty Hunter, Fugitive Recovery Agents and Private Investigators with a combined level of experience exceeding 20 years of dedicated service.

We specialize in Fugitive Recovery, Bail bonds, Child Abuse, Missing Persons, Criminal, matrimonial, and Owner, Cobra (The Bounty Hunter) has excelled in Fugitive Recovery Agents (F R A), Bail Enforcement Agents ( B E A.) Private Investigator all the and the Caribbean.

Our Agency is dedicated to providing you the most effective and professional service available. We are centrally located in Port-of-Span Trinidad and able to accept your most challenging of assignments.

Operating initially on a contingency basis, you will not find a more dedicated  and professional staff or agency.

Contact us at your earliest convenience. Time is money, and we understand your immediate needs.

     As our motto says;
                                                        'we never stop working for you'




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Contact our professionals in Port  of Spain Trinidad & Tobago,Caribbean Islands.US.A. to receive more information about our bounty hunter services.

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